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Antony Hampel, also known as Ant Hampel, is an expert gala dinner & award shows Producer in Sydney, Melbourne, and Australia Wide

Over the years, the event management industry in Australia has evolved at a rapid pace. The rise of digital and mobile technologies has changed the way that we communicate. Event planning is all about communication, so industry leaders have had to adapt. The true pioneers are the ones who have grown to be stronger and more successful than ever before.

Australian businessman and entrepreneur Ant Hampel is one of these pioneers. Antony Hampel has spent almost a quarter of a century in the event management industry and now owns one of the most respected event agencies in the country. It hasn’t always been an easy journey, but Hampel has proved himself to be innovative, resilient, and committed to the work.

In 2016, Ant Hampel worked with the tourist boards of both Victoria and Utah. Antony Hampel planned events for Tennis and Cricket Australia and created ‘pop’ up experiences for Qatar Airways and Crown Resorts. In 2014, Antony Hampel was commissioned to create a safety game for Metro Trains. Ant directed the production and the launch of the game while working to a very tight deadline.

It is just one example of the kind of work that Ant Hampel and Alive Events Agency carry out on a regular basis. The company has worked with some very high profile names over the years. In 2006, it directed the global launch of Kylie Minogue’s ‘Darling’ perfume. In order to do this, it had to secure a lavish venue and cater to the needs of a glittering VIP guest list.

Antony Hampel has become an industry leader by providing world class logistics, production, design, safety, and security. This is no easy feat and the entrepreneur worked in a number of different roles before owning his own event management company. Ant Hampel sold his first business to Commquest in 2007 but established Alive Events a few years later.

Early Roles and Experiences of Ant Hampel

Even the most successful businessmen start from humble beginnings. Ant Hampel began his career in television, working behind the scenes at a TV production company in Melbourne. At just 19 years old, Antony Hampel made a big impression on his colleagues and Ant became the youngest person ever to work as Promotions Manager.

As a naturally charismatic individual, Antony Hampel suited media roles, but he really excelled when given the chance to direct and coordinate. This love of ambitious projects drove his move to London. The aim was to get a job behind the scenes in the music industry. The gamble paid off because Ant Hampel soon landed the role of Special Events Manager at Kiss FM.

During his time at the company, Antony Hampel produced more than 100 live concerts, gigs, and music events. In 1993, Ant Hampel helped to launch the very first Phoenix Festival, in Stratford-Upon-Avon. It was a trailblazing event and one of the very few four-day festivals being held in the UK. The inaugural lineup featured international acts like Faith No More, The Manic Street Preachers, and Sonic Youth.

Antony Hampel wouldn’t remain in the UK for long. In 1995, legendary event director Garry Van Egmond (of VEG) recruited him and Ant Hampel moved back to Australia. Van Egmond was and continues to be a huge inspiration within the event marketing sector. VEG has forty years of experience presenting and producing shows for international stars like Michael Jackson, Prince, and AC/DC.

Antony Hampel at AC/DC Event

antony ant hampel melbourne ac/dc event
Antony Hampel at AC/DC Event

So, when Egmond asked him to become Head of Marketing and General Manager of Concerts, it was an offer Ant Hampel couldn’t refuse. It would be the start of big things for Antony Hampel, as it gave him the chance to work on huge shows. The design and logistics were bigger than anything he had ever worked on before. The Australian leg of the AC/DC tour became the fastest selling show in the country’s history, after shifting 520,000 tickets in just three hours.

Independent Work and Ventures of Antony Hampel

Working with Van Egmond taught Antony Hampel a lot of about touring, production, logistics, and design. In 1998, he launched his first event management business. It was called Think Creative Events. The entrepreneur was keen to bring together all that Ant Hampel had learned and combine ‘high-quality brand marketing with live event technical and creative logistics.’ For Ant Hampel, the goal was always to produce brand experiences that offered something different.

In 2007, Antony Hampel sold Think Creative Events. However, he had made a name for himself as a man who could conjure up amazing corporate events and experiences. So, just two years later, Ant Hampel launched a second company; Alive Events Agency. This is the business and brand that he still owns today. Alive Events is committed to producing world-class event activations, for clients of all shapes and sizes.

The agency created an award winning exhibition at ADMA, in 2008. This is the biggest marketing and advertising conference in the Asian Pacific. It featured a stunning light show and projection space, which dazzled guests and earned Alive Events a lot of attention. In 2014, it was tasked with bringing the world of Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge to life for a Twentieth Century Fox showcase. The event was attended by VIP guest and star of the film Nicole Kidman.

That same year, Antony Hampel took on one of his most ambitious projects to date. Ant Hampel directed a record 26 events, in 28 days, on behalf of the Australian Federal Government. The run of corporate presentations and discussions were part of the Australian Skills Quality Authority RTO Information Sessions. Alive Events provided live webcasts, travel, catering, registration, pr, public relations, venue, and production solutions. It was exhausting work, but Ant Hampel and his team are used to putting their all into high-stakes projects.

In the years since Alive Events was launched, it has worked with clients as diverse as Adidas, BMW, the Banksia Foundation, Sunland Group, Wolfblass, Hugo Boss, F1, Sony, Moet and Chandon, Fosters, Pepsi Max, Ford, Target, Jetstar, and many more. Special guest appearances have been made by Paris Hilton, Jamie Oliver, Shane Warne, Michelle Rodriguez, and even former POTUS Bill Clinton, to name a few.

Antony Hampel at Jetstar Event

antony hampel ant hampel at jetstar event

Future Enterprises and Inspirations

The question is, where does Ant Hampel and Alive Events go from here? The businessman is already one of the most high-profile figures within the event management industry. What do you aim for when you’re already at the top of the tree? Well, for this hard working business owner, there are always goals to achieve. The big difference is that success allows you to do something very important.

It has given Antony Hampel the opportunity to work with young people who are starting out in the industry just like he did, as event management rookies with a lot of ambition. Ant Hampel has spent time as a guest lecturer at a number of prestigious schools and colleges around the world. They include Boston University, Sydney University, Victoria University, and R.M.I.T. It is his belief that knowledge should be shared, and as a successful businessman, Ant Hampel has a duty to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs.

It isn’t the only social passion that Antony Hampel has. For many years, he has been working closely with a number of charities in Australia. Together with Alive Events, he has produced activation experiences for Open Family, the Banksia Foundation, the Mirabel Foundation, Y Gap, Fifteen, the Red Cross, and the Are You Okay Day. In 2013, Ant Hampel was actually appointed as special advisor to the Banksia Foundation, which is a non-profit designed to raise awareness of environmental issues.

The future is something that is very important to Ant Hampel. He believes that success is what you make of it and that getting too comfortable is the death of creativity. He sees both his company and his reputation as a platform; a tool which enables him to help others. This is why he invests so much time and passion in educational and charity work. It is why he has built a rich and diverse career on the idea that great teams, rather than individuals, have the power to create truly amazing events.

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